Semente Compostela form part of a non-profit social initiative, that was originally inspired by “Gentalha do Pichel”. Together with similar projects, we aim to set the necessary foundations, to create a National Galician School.

This name is taken from the “Escolas de Ensino Galego (Galician Education Schools) which were created at the beginning of the 20th century by the “Irmandades da Fala” and promoted by Leandro Carre e Angelo Casal.

All the activities in the Escolas de Ensino Galego are conducted in Galician, the language of our community, in order to promote its acquisition, conversation, and consolidation. We believe that the Galician language is a binding part of our culture and identity, our history and most of all, part of our future.

We stand up for the international nature of our own language, which is an undeniable part of our school. We encourage our children to respect our intercultural society and people from other cultures who live living country.

Galician Education Schools act as a transformative educational space at the service of our community’s collective interests.

  • Co-education
  • Secularism
  • Assembly system
  • Interaction with nature
  • Respect of the child’s selfregulation
  • Integration in the context of their village or town


Our mission. Our purpose. Who we are

Seed is born to give children the possibility to be in the world without renouncing their identity. To value diversity through respect for their own culture. To show that all languages and cultures matter, whether big or small. It is not necessary to abandon one’s mother tongue to acquire new and different languages.

The strategic natural situation between two of the world’s great languages puts us in a privileged position to incorporate English into the school environment and thus, from this linguistic triangle, access a huge amount of academic, scientific and cultural content which allows children great autonomy in their studies, research and learning.

The multilingualism of our children allows them to know at first hand and without intermediaries other experiences, other lives, other stories and problems. And this knowledge through contrast is essential to build critical thinking which may help to transform reality.

Our vision. Our dreams

We are a non-profit school, a transforming pedagogy at the service of popular interests.

We want to help the Seed model continue to be implanted in the rest of the territory to create respectful, critical and multilingual people who can access knowledge in the most autonomous way possible and who know directly how the global world we live in is and how it works.

We want to be, as an educational community, an active part of a diverse society in movement and to work with other local and international collectives for social justice in the world, broadening their perspectives on themselves and the world around them.

We want to be recognised by our community as a school that strives for educational excellence, that welcomes diversity, that promotes access to the different languages of the world and that works from and for the respect of children.

Our philosophy and principles

At Seed International School we teach respect for differences and believe that a diverse world is a better place by consciously establishing intercultural communication and collaboration through the school’s vehicular languages, namely English. We appreciate our own and other cultures and learn by developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

We are a place of transformative pedagogy that understands the school as an integral part of society; we aim to serve the interests of the people by ensuring a democratic teaching and learning process and by making it possible for children to be free and critical.

We are a space of creativity and innovation where, through creative or lateral thinking, we provide the necessary tools for the development of children’s artistic capacities and imagination. With creative thinking children look at situations and problems from all possible angles and with creativity and innovation they can generate more than one answer to solve different questions.

We are a secular space. Secular education represents freedom of conscience and human rights, tolerance and democracy. A school free from any religious imposition, advertising, or indoctrination.

We are a place of co-education. A place of integral education for children with an education based on gender equality in all aspects of life. A space without patriarchy and machismo that favours the path of our children to take control of their own lives.

We are a space inserted in nature where children understand the environmental values of our land by interacting with the environment through outings, routes, use of the garden, etc.

We defend responsible freedom, respect, and self-regulation; the teacher fully trusts the child, respects him or her as a person, respecting also their emotions, trying to give them the tools to solve their conflicts by themselves. We try to favour the child’s full awareness of his freedom, but also of the existence of some basic limits of respect for other people and their context.

We are an interactive educational space where the educator is a mediator who accompanies the child in its learning process; the pedagogical relationship consists of providing the conditions in which educator and child can collaborate to make those exchanges progress, which favour the integral development of the little ones and mutual learning.

The relationship between teachers and students coexists on the same level of understanding and mutual respect. It is through love, understanding and empathy that parents, mothers and teachers can best convey these principles to the child.

We are a place open to the community, concerned with the reality of the district and the neighbourhood of Compostela, so it is an education linked to the reality of the people.